About CerbrEX


Headquartered in Osaka, Japan, and founded in 2012, CerebrEX Corporation is a venture-backed semiconductor start-up in the business of developing proprietary display technologies for the flat panel display market. The company directly addresses the challenges posed by conventional design, small pixels and high resolution.

CerebrEX commits to provide customers with the best solution with advanced LSI products and technologies and contribute customers’ continuous business growth in the market. We intend to be a global fab-less semiconductor company that utilizes the strength and expertise from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the US.


We are engaged in the following business activities:

  • Proprietary LSI:  Planning, development, production and sales
  • ODM LSI / Module:  Marketing and VAR
  • IP and macrocell services utilizing CerebrEX’ own proprietary technology
  • Bi-directional agent between Japan and China/Taiwan as technical representative


Advanced display controller: Dragon GTS series

CerebrEX provides Advanced Display Controller Dragon GTS as standard offering. Composed of two main blocks PixArt and Cool Pepper, Dragon GTS allows you to realize correct system partitioning.

PixArt comes with an easy-to-use SDK which can minimize the characteristics variation among display panels. Set vendors can utilize PixArt SDK to fine-tune and optimize panel performances, and CPU/GPU/AP vendors can focus on differentiating applications without paying unnecessary attention to panel-to-panel variance.PixArt is CertebrEX’s proprietary, high performance, easy to use video & image processing technology for modern, medium-sized displays.

  • Customer-oriented tool customized for display devices
  • Makes displays easy to customize and optimize
  • Allows the customer to obtain the exact image that he envisions
  • Offers ultra-low power consumption without any degradation in image quality

Cool Pepper supports “intermittent drive control” and transmission channel optimization. These unique features, together with low brightness image enhancement by PixArt, significantly reduce system-level power consumption.  Highly effective low power solution can be delivered by supplying the set vendors with drivers that control several functions via eDP.Cool Pepper is based on proven technologies such as point-to-point topology with CDR, use of high-speed, low-voltage differential signaling and equalization at both Tx and Rx.Cool Pepper is capable of adding value by making a few small modifications to the existing designs on either Tx or Rx side.Cool Pepper is an “open” standard.CerebrEX intends to make Cool Pepper an industry standard. (CerebrEX would like to see Cool Pepper become a de-facto industry standard.)

PM LSI, backlight LED driver/controller relating to displays

IP and macrocells