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About Rafael Micro


Rafael Micro is a fabless IC design company in Taiwan that focuses on high-end broadband RF technology and continues to extend its core technology to digital and high-speed optical communications. Its products include TV RF IC, STB RF IC, modulator chip, satellite broadcast LNB, optical communication IC and BLE 5.1/5.2 and Sub-GHz IoT communication chips. Rafael Micro’s product lines performance, quality and engineering services quality have been highly recognized by customers.


Rafael IOT Connectivity : Rafael Micro’s new RT58X SoC as fully Matter 1.0 compliant

Rafael Micro provides Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy, Bluetooth 5.1/5.2 Low Energy, Zigbee and 802.15.4 technology, supporting 2.4GHz and Sub-GHz dual-band multiple protocol SOC and RF transceivers.

Reference design kits are available in various form factors for customer evaluation and product development.  This product line offers very low power consumption with excellent sensitivity, selectivity, RF blocking-resilience and energy efficiency providing optimum solutions for Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart City and specialized IoT networks.

Partners’ IoT wireless connections are also enabled by adding our cost effective RT568/RT569 companion RF IC or KGD into existing customer MCU systems. Without consuming a large PCB foot-print, customer will enjoy product transformation and open opportunities into emerging market dimensions.



Matter Bluetooth® 5 LE + Thread

In 2022 CSA announced Matter 1.0. It defines Matter specifications and start Matter product certification. More than 300 technology companies including Apple, Google, and Amazon have participated. Within five years, the number of connected devices used in smart homes will double.

The Matter standard will become an important driving force for the next wave of IoT market growth. The Matter standard uses IPv6 as network connection. In addition to helping cross-brand and cross-platform devices achieve interoperability, it can also improve the security and privacy of smart homes devices, and simplify the development complexity of manufacturers. The Matter standard will enhance the compatibility of consumers products and facilitate the connected smart home market.

RT583 integrated Arm® Cortex-M3 MCU, supports 2.4GHz RF and multi-protocol MAC, complies with Matter 1.0, Bluetooth LE 5.1/5.2、and Thread 1.3. RT582 built in 2MB flash memory and 204KB SRAM, suitable for Matter smart home IoT appliances and Matter Border Router applications.

Part No Function
RT583 Matter Thread SOC w/ Arm Cortex M3 MCU

Bluetooth® 5 LE + Zigbee

Over the years, Bluetooth has gone through multiple official versions. Bluetooth Classic & Bluetooth 5 LE are similar but not compatible with one another. Bluetooth 5 LE provides several power-saving characteristics for IoT applications as well as improvements such as 4x range, 2x speed (2Mbps) and 800% increase in data broadcasting capacity.

Bluetooth 5.1 enhances “location services” with a direction finding feature using angle of arrival (AoA) and angle of departure (AoD) technologies.

RT582 integrated Arm® Cortex-M3 MCU,supports 2.4GHz RF and multi-protocol MAC,complies with Bluetooth LE 5.1/5.2、Zigbee® 3.0 and Thread 1.3.

RT582 built in 1MB flash memory and 204KB SRAM,supports proprietary Blooth LE high speed mode with data rate upto 3Mbps, also passed Blooth LE Mesh and Thread certifications.

Part No Function
RT568 Bluetooth 5 LE RF transceiver w/ Link Layer Software
RT582 Bluetooth 5 LE SOC w/ Embedded ARM Cortex M3 MCU

Dual-band Multiple protocol SOC and RF

Rafael Micro offers high-performance Bluetooth + Sub-GHz dual-band multiple protocol SOC and RF transceivers with wireless module reference designs. Customers may choose among the solutions according to their system design needs and focus on IoT software development to significantly ease the design effort.Certified Bluetooth and Zigbee stack are available for time to market.

Part No Function
RT569 Bluetooth® 5 LE /802.15.4 multiple protocol RF transceiver
RT581 Bluetooth® 5 LE + Sub-GHz dual-band multiple protocol SOC