ENE Technology Inc.

About ENE


Express & Excellence- is WHO we are, HOW we are and WHAT we are. ENE is a professional integrated IC design house established in 1998. Since then, it has been our primary goal to serve customers up to the maximum satisfaction with excellent products and expeditious services.

ENE is specialized in the IC R&D, sales and services for notebook computers, mobile devices and other Information Appliance (IA) products. We believe that the true value of a company lies in successfully fulfilling customers’ needs. With experienced R&D team and professional management, ENE is known for competitive, innovative and quality products and services. As a result, ENE has established seamlessly corporative relationship with our customers over the years and it is unquestionably essential for future product development and financial growth.

It is our ultimate goal to be the most efficient, effective and supportive IC partner and a worldwide leading brand in the market. With confidence and pride.


NB Keyboard Controller ICs

ENE is the world leading provider for NB keyboard controller IC. On the Notebook platform, keyboard controller is a highly customized product to meet every customer’s needs. ENE Keyboard controller provides various solution and customized services to serve our customers.

Power Management IC

Audio Amp, Fan Driver ICs, VGA PWM, DOP2712

LED Driver ICs

Display LED Driver, High Power LED Driver, Decoration LED Driver.

# Product Main features Application
1 KBC Keyboard control w ACPI Embedded Controller NB/PC
2 Touch sensor controller Capacitive sensor switch control NB/PC
3 Power Switcher USB / Mini-Card power switching NB/PC
4 Audio Amp NB/PC
5 LED flash light driver NB/PC

How It Works


ENE is a trustworthy name that customers can count on for ever upgrading excellence and efficiency in carrying quality products and services to market expeditiously.

To provide market with value-added products, technology and services; to achieve win-win situations for all stakeholders- customers, shareholders and employees.


Express- To expedite time-to-market product implementation and real-time support for our customers.

Excellence- To demonstrate excellence in product development and customer services.